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 ·Service Cost

The cost/price of the services we render depends on the needs of your project. After analyzing the materials of your project, we give you exact quote of the total cost and exact outline of the work we do and will deliver. Fifty percent (50%) of the whole amount will be required as a deposit, with a guarantee of giving you the quality of work that you expect and more. The other 50% of the payment will be collected once the project is completed.


·Payment Method

All payments are accepted via PayPal at no extra charge to you. You can use any major credit card or debit card, or your PayPal balance for this transaction. We accept all currencies ($, £, €, and more) but it is important to contact us before making any payments to avoid miscommunication.


To make the payment, select the currency below and follow simple on screen instructions:


                Pay in USD $Pay in GBP (£) Pay in AUD ($) Pay in Euro (