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Methodology Section:

               Statistics Helpdesk is aware how frustrating it is for masters and doctorate candidates to manage both their studies and their dissertation or thesis projects. Yes, it is true that they have lesser loads as compared with the under graduate students, but their requirements ask more of their time and concentration. As with the assistance we offer for the other chapters of your writing projects, we also offer help in making your Methodology Section.

Your Methodology Section reveals every detail of your research project- from the hypotheses, purpose of your study, scope and its limitations. It is primarily the section where steps to solve the problem are written, entailing all the methods and strategies you will use to obtain your results. It may seem very easy to do this section, but once you start writing it, you will then experience its difficulty especially in finding references with credibility.

Every thesis or dissertation papers’ methodology section should match the study’s hypotheses and research questions. Statistics Helpdesk is composed of competitive writers and statisticians who can collect steps for your methodology section from known authors. These steps are guaranteed to meet the purpose of your study, as well as answer your hypotheses and research questions. We also offer advices and instructions for further actions to be taken for your paper by assessing your whole research study.

The assessment includes the following steps:

  • Determining of your Study’s General Objectives

Our statisticians review first your proposal or concept paper to know what is the utmost purpose of your study. You will then be contact for some clarifications, as to whether or not they have got the right idea of your study.

  • Integration of Ideas

After studying the whole purpose of your project, we then integrate our ideas with your given ideas, and even improve ones to create a good methodology for your project. Planning to have a good one may take days, but rest assured that we deliver consistent communication with you until the whole process for your methodology section will be done.

  • Creating your Methodology Section
After formulating all the steps for the section, we also give assistance on creating your methodology section draft, with all its revisions until it is completely finalized, and approved by your panel committee.