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Academic Services:

Statistics Helpdesk offers assistance to various masters and doctorate candidates who are in the dilemma of facing their writing projects, such as research and dissertations, especially their thesis.

Undeniably, the three fields (Research, Dissertation, and Thesis) are different in their processes but our team has means on how to cope with this problem. We offer our help from the very beginning of your project, until you are finally through with your defense, and even in publishing it.

Our services include the following:

* Formulating Testable Hypotheses

Most of the burdens of almost all masters and doctorate candidates are formulating their hypotheses. Your hypothesis is what defines the direction of your study. Statistics Helpdesk assists you in formulating hypotheses for your possible research study.


* Introduction and Relevance of the Study 

As much as we render assistance in formulating testable hypotheses, we also offer assistance in writing your study’s introductory part, explaining its relevance, and how it differs with the other past studies.

* Scope and Limitation

We also review your study and analyze more on what should be included and what should be eliminated.

* Related Literature

Statistics Helpdesk has contact to reliable authors in different fields, which is a great aid in finding relevant studies to your research. It is important to have most recent and useful literatures to ensure the legality of your research study, and that’s what our team guarantees most.


* Methodology

We also take pride in giving you assistance for making your Methodology Section. For further information, see our Methodology Section page.

* Results, Discussion, Conclusion

It is important to recognize which of the hypotheses should be tested to choose which type of analysis will be used. Our team is composed of expert statisticians who can analyze your data using various tests that are applicable for your study. They also communicate with you to give assistance in understanding every detail of your project, and how they came up with certain results so that your thesis defense will be smooth-sailing.

After having the results, we will also do its discussion along with your ideas, interpreting each of the results. Conclusion will also be drawn to partially complete your manuscript.

* Literature Cited

Our team is committed to work with you in every page of your project, ensuring that each of your study’s section is completely organized before doing the drafting. We guarantee you of the project’s quick turnaround and complete assistance until you finally get into your thesis defense.