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We can help you whatever your question and how complex your problem is.


·Proposal Writing and Editing

Starting out with any dissertation or thesis paper is never as easy as how you think it is. We are aware of how difficult it is to start writing with a project even just the proposal. Our team offers assistance in writing your proposal, as long as you have the details of what you want your study to be. Moreover, once your first draft of proposal has been corrected by your panelists and adviser, we continue to render our help upon editing until it is ready for submission.

     ·Statistical Analysis and Results Write-ups

Statistical analysis is a very complicated and relevant part of every study which requires a lot of time and effort. Knowledge about statistics should be applied in order to meet the needs of this part of the study. Our team is made up of statisticians with expertise on various fields of statistics ensuring that all of our customers’ statistical needs will be met. What you will just do is send all of your data as well as your objectives to us, and we will do therest of the projects statistical analysis for you. Together with the analysis, we will also write the results for you following the format given by your school. Upon analyzing, what we usually used are the SAS, SPSS, MINITAB, MATLAB, Prisms, and EViews. We could also use other methods for analysis depending on what you require.


   ·Editing and Proofreading Statistical Methodology

In every thesis papers, dissertation papers, and other paper projects, corrections and revisions are inevitable. And for this, we also render assistance in editing and proofreading your projects. Once your papers are corrected by your adviser and panelists, you can hand it back to us for editing and proofreading. We will work together with you and get your ideas regarding with the revisions before we put things on. Together with that, we will also edit your methodology which is a very important supplementary part of your results, as well as of your objectives.


·Figures and Tables

Your figures and tables are essential parts of your study which needs a lot of time and concentration. They are a proof of the study you have conducted and will serve as a means on how your readers can relate to your results. Our team in Statistics Helpdesk extends our assistance in organizing your figures and tables, with their proper citations in the text, and order of placement.