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Statistics Helpdesk

Statistics Helpdesk is a leading consulting firm for data analysis and dissertation consulting. Our service has been known for years to render dissertation assistance with a highest quality, and is recommended by many universities and clients who have used our services for themselves.

Statistics Helpdesk is proud to announce that we have helped over 3000 graduate students in their statistical data analysis and their dissertations in various disciplines.

Statistics Helpdesk consultants are here to help you! Thesis and dissertation assistance are offered today at students' rates and carried out by our team of academic professionals. All our constants hold PhD and work at best US and UK universities.



Dissertation Service for PhD Candidates:

Our service fee is very affordable with highest quality, 100% guaranteed. We are aware of the tight budget of most graduate students and researchers when it comes to money matters and that’s why we made our rates way cheaper compared with other statistical firms who offer dissertation help. We also offer a detailed consultation with our clients to thoroughly quote their needs with their dissertations. As with the graduate students who ask for assistance in their dissertation, payment plans can also be offered. We give our clients an assurance that every penny they spend goes directly to their work since we get paid not on how many hours we spend working but on how much work we deliver.

Together with the affordable rates, we also render a highly professional and friendly support from the beginning to the end of the project and successful defense of the dissertation. We are proud of our professional and qualified staff who has the ability to explain every complex concept in statistics and quantitative methods related to your work in a very simple way. Our consultation schedule is every Mondays to Fridays, 8:30 a.m to 8:00 p.m and 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m during Saturdays EST. During these times, we entertain your questions and problems. We also can become available and provide you with live and direct consultation via Skype or over the phone.

We work within fast turnaround times, and complete most work sections within 3-5 business days, depends on the size and the complexity of the work. Also our staff has been trained and has the ability to work within very tight time scale.

We have highly professional staff and expertise with PhDs from the UK and the USA universities in various disciplines and areas including humanitarian, scientific, environment and engineering. Our consultants can work and handle any type of projects even very complicated ones and need special expertise to work on them. We can perform statistical analysis based on your study type (quantitative or qualitative) regardless of the complexity of your projects.

Our consultants will advise you and participate in preparation of your dissertation sections and chapters. We will work with you until you are fully understand all the materials and the analysis related to your work and are able to defend your work with highly confidence.


We find it very interesting and satisfying to help each of our clients in their dissertation issues with the use of professional statistical software packages in analyzing their data and explaining it to them in a simple way. Our staff is expert with every statistical software package, including SPSS,SAS, MATLAB, MINITAB, STATA, R, S-Plus and besides other more specialized packages.

Our consultants will advise and assist you in getting your work done on a very high level. Also our qualified staff will help you in drafting your work as a journal papers for publication.

Not to brag but we are proud that the aforementioned are the common reasons why most of our clients recommend our services to other doctoral candidates.

For further details about how our service will be delivered to each part and section of your work and dissertation, please see the Academic Services Section, Methodology Section, Thesis Statistics Results Section, Editing and Proofreading Section and Defense/Viva Section through our website under Academic Consulting.

We are offering service to help students and researchers in all areas, including but not limited to: Medicine, Pharmacology, Biology, Education, MBA, Marketing, Social Science, Psychology, Public Health, Management, Nursing, Science, Agriculture, Engineering, Genetics, Sports, Environment, and of course in Statistics. We will do the required statistical analyses and send you a comprehensive professional report ready to be incorporated into your thesis, dissertation or research report or manuscript. Whether you have a survey data, field data, clinical or laboratory experiments, we can help you. Just send us the data and the study objectives and we do everything else.

Send us email for free quote:

We use SPSS, SAS, MATLAB, MINITAB, STATA, R, for statistical analyses besides other more specialized packages. Please let us know if you have a software preference or if you are required or expected to use a particular software.


Work With Us

Statistics Helpdesk is always looking for highly qualified statisticians and scientists. You should have a PhD degree in Statistics or closely related areas, especially on quantitative analysis and research.


If interested, just send your CV and cover letter at