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Professional Statistics Consulting Service

Client oriented statistics consulting service for academic researchers, businesses, government & for organizations requiring help with quantitative or qualitative research projects

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When I write the statistical methodology for your research proposal, or analyze your data and write up the results sections, I provide very detailed easy to understand reports and I also include unlimited support to answer any questions you might have. I ensure that you completely understand the statistics that I used. I take all the time needed to explain your analysis and results until you are comfortable with them. This will increase your confidence level as you prepare for your defense.



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Your methods and results sections are written to pass the committee review process with no or minimal questions. If questions arise at any time, you will have me to turn to, and I will help you respond to the committee's requests. I offer a 100% guarantee that the statistics I provide are the most appropriate for your research design, data, research questions, and hypotheses. I also offer free support to address any follow-up questions from my clients, their advisors, committee members or external referees, examiners or reviewers.


I am a professional statistician with ten years experience in applied data analysis in different discipline of research.


Dr. Badawi offers Statistical Consulting service to help with quantitative and qualitative data analysis or statistics. I can help with PhD dissertations, Master thesis projects, journal and conference articles and presentations, research proposals, concept papers, statistics projects and tutoring for statistics if you need help to understand statistics concepts.




Dr. Badawi provided me with outstanding service and helped me with all statistical analyses and results for my dissertation. She instantly understood the research project and highlighted some issues with the research design and hypotheses even after committee approval. I wish I had her on my committee as she would have made the journey much smoother. Her reports were flawless and provided very detailed, thorough, and accurate and very easy to understand. The fees were much cheaper than others that I have approached for the same project. Thank you so much, Dr. Badawi


Sam Jones, Doctoral Candidate

Dr. Badawi was very instrumental in helping me with my very complex data and research design. The sample size was small while I needed to test complex relationships. Dr. Badawi helped in getting the most out of the rather limited data using SmartPLS structural Equation Modeling. All my research questions were tested and I got very interesting results to discuss in my doctoral dissertation. The committee was amazed by the outcome and I defended and was praised for the analysis and results.  Dr. Badawi is very competent and she presented the results in neat APA tables and path graphs and did very thorough write-ups of the results. Thank you, Dr. Badawi!


Mike Allen



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